Economic Development

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John Redente, Grant Administrator

Sidney is a community that is gaining fast on the economic come back trail. Businesses are thriving, employment is rising and the future is bright. We are looking for both retail and industrial opportunities for our area so we can sustain our growth pattern.
If you are a large industrial business or large retailer looking for a work force with strong work ethics we want to talk to you. Sidney has a distribution site near three major cities in the Northeast. We have a strong track record of coordinating programs, grants, low cost loans and more with state and federal officials.
If you are a small retail business or manufacturer you are equally welcome to our community. We have great retail space on our beautiful Main Street. We have an active industrial park which is close to I-88 and a few hours away from three large markets. We have several programs such as federal UDAG monies that you could qualify for.
We are here to help you to transition into a new business home.
Call or email to start the conversation.
John Redente
Grant Administrator

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