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The Village of Sidney will be flushing hydrants beginning Monday April 16, 2018 and ongoing for approximately two (2) weeks. This work will be performed during the day between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM. If your water becomes roily let your cold water run until the water is clear.


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BRUSH - Piled neatly at curb - maximum 4” diameter, all ends one way. No large whole trees. No stumps and no items with thorns unless placed in open returnable containers. Quantity limited to 6’ wide x 4’ high x 10’ long.

LEAVES, GRASS CLIPPINGS, WEEDSTALKS, and HEDGE TRIMMINGS - This material should be placed in open containers or clear bags. All litter, paper and other trash must be separated out. 50 lbs. maximum per bag. No significant amount of animal feces.

LIMITATION – This is a residential pickup program – maximum 1 truckload per property.



The Village will provide containers at the Village Garage to receive only the following items:

These items can be dropped off at the Village Garage, 28 Sherman Ave. on
Friday or Saturday, May 4th OR 5th , 2018, 8 AM – 3 PM ONLY!

• Computers (Monitors, Keyboards, etc.) TV’s, Copiers, Fax Machines, Cell Phones, Radios, Microwaves, Gaming Devices, Console Televisions
• Metal (clean) and non-freon appliances 
• Tires - Passenger vehicle and small truck tires without rims (max. 16” dia.) - max. 8 tires per household
• Freon containing appliances: (i.e., refrigerators, freezers. air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other freon units)

We will accept units with Freon. Freon should not be removed except by a certified reclaimer. Persons furnishing any unit where Freon has already been removed must sign acknowledgment for liability.

Burn Ban

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NY State is enforcing a burn ban from March 16th - May 14th.  For more information visit here 

Special Board Meeting

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The Village of Sidney Board of Trustees will hold a special board meeting on Monday, February 5, 2018 at 7 PM in the board room of the Sidney Civic Center, 21 Liberty St. Sidney, NY 13838. The purpose of this meeting is to propose a BAN resolution.

Planning Board

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The Village Planning board meeting for tonight 2/1/18 is canceled.

Snow and Ice Removal-Sidewalks

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Per Village Code:
All snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction upon any public sidewalk in the Village of Sidney shall be removed by the owner or occupant of the adjoining land as soon as practicable after such snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction is deposited thereon. Whenever the owner or occupant of adjoining premises fails to remove the snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction from the sidewalk in front of such premises so owned or occupied by him or her within 10 hours from the time when such snow, ice or other obstruction shall have been deposited thereon, or within one hour after notice of the Superintendent of Public Works to remove the same, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent of Public Works to cause to be removed said snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction from such sidewalk and the sidewalk to be cleaned. The Superintendent of Public Works shall certify the cost thereof, together with a charge of 50% thereon to cover costs of administration and supervision, to the Village Clerk, who shall present a bill to the owner for the expenses incurred thereby. If the owner shall fail to pay such bill within 30 days, the Village Clerk shall report the same to the Board of Trustees, and the amount thereof shall be levied, enforced and collected in the same manner, by the same proceedings, at the same time, with the same penalties and having the same lien upon the property as general Village taxes.

Village Planning Board

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There will be no Village Planning Board meeting tonight, 12/7/17.

Leaf Pickup

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Thursday, November 30th will be the last day for leaf pickup in the Village.

Soil Testing

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Parret Wolf will be testing the soil down in the River Street area for at least two weeks.

Any questions please contact Mike Mercurio, Public Works Superintendent, at 607-561-2329.

Summary from the SEQR

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